Thursday, October 28, 2010

Butterfly Fun

For yet another home school science class we captured some caterpillars and placed them in a glass jar. We made sure that the jar had holes punched in the lid. We propped the twig against the side of the jar, the chrysalis needs to hang. Next we placed some grass that was damp in the jar along with the caterpillar. Then we waited, the caterpillar created a chrysalis almost immediately. After a few days our beautiful butterflies emerged. We allowed them to adjust to flying which they did in our kitchen! Last we released them.
The Butterfly and the Caterpillar by Joseph Lauren
A butterfly, one summer morn,
Sat on a spray of blossoming thorn
And, as he sipped and drank his share
Of honey from the flowered air,
Below, upon the garden wall,
A caterpillar chanced to crawl.
Horrors! the butterfly exclaimed,
This must be stopped! I am ashamed
That such as I should have to be
In the same world with such as he.
Preserve me from such hideous things!
Disgusting shape! Where are his wings!
Fuzzy and gray! Eater of clay!
Won't someone take the worm away!
The caterpillar hunched ahead,
But, as he munched a leaf, he said,
Eight days ago, young butterfly,
You wormed about, the same as I.
Within a fortnight from today
Two wings will bear me far away
To brighter blooms and lovelier lures,
With colors that out rival yours.
So, flutter-flit, be not so proud;
Each caterpillar is endowed
With power to make him, by and by,
A blithe and brilliant butterfly.
While you, who scorn the common clay,
You, in you livery so gay
And all the gaudy moths and millers,
Are only dressed-up caterpillars.

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